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The Secrets to Leading a Calm and Peaceful Life

The Secrets to Leading a Calm and Peaceful Life

Is the pressure to be ON 24/7 getting to you?

As life gets faster and more connected, it’s not uncommon to feel pushed for time, swamped with tasks or as if the world is conspiring against you,

But, by picking up just 5 small habits, you can lead a calm and peaceful life amidst all the craziness.

Establish a morning routine

Starting the day in a rush sets you up with a level of stress that will continue to grow as each hour passes. So, instead of setting your alarm to the latest possible time, try giving yourself an extra half hour to help you start the day as you want it to go on.

Give yourself time to wake up and clear your head with a 5-10-minute meditation or slow yoga stretch before completing the rest of your morning tasks.

Concentrate on one thing at a time

Stop trying to do everything at once. Prioritize your tasks, and work through them one at a time. It may sound more time-consuming, but being able to focus all your attention on each one will help you get them right first time and therefore save you time.

The same goes for your inbox, Slack and other communication tools. Whilst message notifications are useful, they can also be your worst enemy, especially at busy times. Try deactivating them and giving yourself specific message-checking times to help you stay focused on the task at hand. Don’t worry, people will call you if they have something really urgent.

Swap evening screen time for other activities

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t love flopping onto the sofa to watch an episode or two before bed? It’s the perfect way to wind down, right? Not quite. Whilst your body may start to relax, your mind continues to race, stimulated by the flashing lights and voices coming from the TV.

So rather than firing up your neurons with electrical activities, try swapping the screen for a book. A puzzle. Or a little meditation. And enjoy a real, restorative slumber.

Get active outdoors

As strange as it may seem, exercise is relaxing. Tiring too, yes, but the feeling of calm and bliss that follows makes it worthwhile. Anything from a short, brisk walk in the fresh air to a rowing session on the lake will reduce stress hormone levels and amp up endorphin production so that you feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

If sport really isn’t your thing, how about a creative pursuit? Activities like cooking, painting or playing music are also known for their soothing effect on the soul.

Be yourself

Remember that a calm and peaceful life is led on your terms. So try these ideas, see how they fit and chart your own path.

What I mean is, be with people and do stuff because you want to, not because everyone else is. It’s fine to do things with friends, ask for suggestions, get advice, read reviews, etc., but only do what feels good and will make you feel good.

After all, it is your life.


Emma Dowou

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